Police lay out smuggled KFC like a drug bust

Two New Zealand men violated Aukland's strict coronavirus lockdown by driving 75 miles outside the city, where rules are looser, to buy a large amount of KFC. Police on patrol passed the vehicle and noticed unusual behavior.

Upon seeing the officers, the vehicle did a U-turn and sped off before eventually pulling over, the statement said. When the car was searched, police found a large quantity of KFC, more than NZ$100,000 ($70,000) in cash, and "empty ounce bags." Police photos show at least three buckets of chicken, about 10 cups of coleslaw, a large package of fries, and four large bags containing other KFC items.


Because Aukland's Alert Level 4 prohibits non-essential excursions, the pair face serious consequences for acquiring illicit fast food.

Under the nation's Covid-19 Public Health Response Act, the duo's risky attempt could result in imprisonment of up to six months, or a fine of up to NZ$4,000 ($2,800).


Some have pointed out that the incident bears similarities to South Park's 198th episode in which Cartman gets involved in black market sales of KFC chicken.