Watch: prank callers harassing the "Teddy Bear Club"

The Teddy Bear Club was a Seattle Public Access TV program in the 90s.

In this 20-minute video, an endless stream of callers ring the Teddy Bear Club to harass the host, Thomas Dickensheets, who clutches a large stuffed bear throughout the entirety of the video.

Hopefully, the bear brought him some comfort while people called the line to say things, such as "fuck you."

Thirteen minutes into the video, the host takes a break from the harassment and makes his teddy bear do a little dance while he sings a tune, and then continues answering calls.

If you could have called the Teddy Bear Club, what would you have said to Thomas Dickensheets?

From Youtube:

Seattle Public Access TV Channel 29

Explicit language

Before people had the internet to be anonymously unkind they would call in to live TV shows to be jerks. Enjoy this endless harassment of Thomas Dickensheets as he attempts to attract members to his special club.