"The Thing on the Fourble Board" is one of the scariest horror stories ever broadcast

"The Thing on the Fourble Board" [remastered] is a 24-minute horror broadcast from the critically acclaimed Mutual Network series Quiet Please.

The episode is about something dreadful that lies within the depths of the earth, discovered by a man who is drilling for oil. This episode was broadcast only once, on August 9th, 1948. The story's creepiness will reach full effect if you listen to it in a room alone at night. There's something about hearing a scary story in the dark that is able to chill me in a way that movie's don't. This story in particular made my imagination run wild. 

From YouTube:

This is from the critically acclaimed series "Quiet Please" which was broadcast by the Mutual Network and then ABC 1947 – 1949. The format is quite unique, with most of the shows being told by one guy just as if he was telling you a story personally.

Many classic radio fans, radio critics, and radio historians have said that "The Thing on the Fourble Board" is perhaps the MOST SCARY horror story ever broadcast! Since I personally discovered this program several years ago, I couldn't disagree. If you isolate yourself when listening, it IS scary!

The one unfortunate thing about "Quiet Please" is that the only recordings which survive are *BADLY scratched vinyl records, with many nearly impossible to hear. They're practically impossible to restore. This episode was no exception, but over the years with improved technology the actual audio has been retrieved from within the scratches finally making it listenable!

So here it is, with much improved (but never to be prefect) sound. Created, written and produced by WYLLIS COOPER, with most episodes being told be veteran announcer Ernest Chappell who does just a great job.