Man recreates Capitol Insurrection with plastic skeletons for Halloween

Matt Warshauer is a political historian and professor at Central Connecticut State University. Over the last two decades his West Hartford, CT home has become somewhat infamous for its politicized Halloween displays. In 2014, he recreated the fall of Rome; in 2019, he had a SCOTUS Skeleton theme; he's even done Vietnam.

And this year, he used his plastic skeletons to to recreate the Capitol Insurrection, horror movie-style. From

The stately Federal-style Capitol building was crafted from Warshauer's usual stock of materials: "cardboard and styrofoam, and more tubes of latex caulk than you can count," Warshauer said. He's spent the past several weeks pre-fabricating the building – using a table saw to cut the materials to the proper size and shape. Cardboard, once painted, is remarkably weather-resistant, he said.

And in keeping with the Halloween theme that co-exists with the political message, the mob of insurrectionists that were added to the display on Saturday are skeletons.

"There are 30-something skeletons climbing up the building," he said, with perhaps the most recognizable figure in the mob, the furred Q Shaman, perched on the top right corner of the roof.

The display, which is 35 feet long and nearly 15 feet tall, is conveniently located on a main drag of North Main Street in West Hartford.

Hordes of Skeletons Stage Capitol Insurrection on Lawn of West Hartford 'Halloween House' [Ronni Newton /]