Trump's Ashli Babbitt eulogy is a love letter to his rebels

Trump essentially thanks his rebels for trying by phoning in a thank you to the woman shot dead storming the US Capitol.

Washington Post:

"On that horrible day of January 6, Ashli arrived at the United States Capitol," Trump said in the video. "She was shot and tragically killed. Today would've been her birthday. Happy birthday, Ashli."

The video was reportedly played at an event Sunday in Freeport, Tex., where family and friends of Babbitt commemorated what would have been her 36th birthday.

In the video, Trump called Babbitt a "a truly incredible person" and made no mention of his own role on a day when thousands of his supporters violently stormed the Capitol, disrupting Congress's count of the electoral college votes in the November 2020 presidential election. The violent siege ultimately resulted in five deaths.

"To Ashli's family and friends, please know that her memory will live on in our hearts for all time," Trump said, citing Babbitt's service in the military, including time in Iraq.

It also seems odd to me: Trump is likely why she is dead, he really doesn't seem to be remorseful at all for his role in this stuff, and is offering this as some consolation prize to the family.