Smashmouth achieves 'Puppet Show and Spinal Tap' levels

Apparently "The Big Sip" was a regional booze tasting 'festival' held at the site of the former Woodstock.

Things went epically for their headline act, Smashmouth.

Compare the program description of the band to their actual performance:

First of all, the band's unparalleled wealth of original and legendary material is strong and deep. Smash Mouth boasts five chart-topping smash hits: 1997's "Walkin' On The Sun"; 1998's "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby"; 1999's "All-Star" and "Then The Morning Comes"; and 2001's "I'm A Believer" are all firmly entrenched in the culture lexicon. Then there's 2001's "Pacific Coast Party" and 1997's "Why Can't We Be Friends?"…both of which made the top-30.

Combine these with the myriad SM songs that have been prominently featured in movies and on television over the years, and you've got a non-stop barrage of greatest hits. A show every audience wants. Quite simply…Smash Mouth not only has the best songs, they have a lot of them.

But the best thing about a Smash Mouth show is it's unequaled, across-the-board, universal appeal. More than any other band, Smash Mouth is internationally loved by people of all ages and tastes. The band's clean and irresistibly catchy songs are delivered with such joy and finesse, Smash Mouth is appropriate for literally any event. Loved globally for it's fun and positive message, Smash Mouth music is also nearly impossible NOT to dance to.