Catholic priest debunks 'fetal tissue' claims in religious exemptions for Catholics

Catholic Rev. Edward Beck went on CNN to explain that fetal tissue is not used in the vaccines, and please listen to your Pope and get vaccinated.

Crooks and Liars:

"The archbishop is correct that in Catholic teaching, there is a primacy to one's individual conscience," Father Edward Beck said.

"However, the teaching says that when you're making up that conscience and deliberating, you have to take into account church teaching, and you have to be informed about what you're deliberating. So, first of all, the person has to say, what is the church teaching about this? As you just said, Pope Francis is saying take the vaccine. The official stance of the church is that you should be vaccinated. The second part, are you informed?

"So, Brianna, if you talk to people as I have who are claiming religious exemption, the primary reason I have heard people say is because, well, the cells are from aborted fetuses and I don't want that injected into my body, I'm opposed to abortion, therefore I can't get the vaccine. Well, that is not informed. And that is incorrect."

He went on to explain that the vaccines were developed with cell lines that are cloned copies of cells from decades ago.