Kind man helps stranger fix his bicycle handlebars only to discover that it was his own stolen bike

In Glasgow, Scotland, John Devlin, 64, noticed that a man needed assistance with his bicycle so he stopped to help. While Devlin was fixing the cyclist's handlebars, he realized that it was actually his own bike that was stolen earlier from a locked shed. The court sentenced Paul Hartley, 46, to 15 months in jail after he pled guilty for breaking into the shed and unlawfully carrying a knife. From Glasgow Live:

Mr Devlin was able to identify the bike as his own mid-repair due to distinctive stickers and helmet attached to it.

He then remarked: "That's mine" before chasing the thief down the street.

image (for illustration only): 齐健 from Peking, People's Republic of China – Down the Hutong (CC BY 2.0)