If you have Air Pods or Air Pods Pro get these Comply foam tips

These Complyfoam tips made my already excellent AirPods Pro even better.

I am a fan of AirPods Pro Bluetooth earbuds. They are comfortable, fit well, and the ambient/conversation/isolation modes are fantastic. The included tips are ok, and I got by using one small and one medium, however, these COMPLY foam tips take them to another level.

I have found COMPLY foam tips to always be more comfortable, and sound better. I had not felt there was much danger of an earbud falling out during my relatively sedate dog walking, or when I wander the house having 'phone conversations,' but the foam tips make the fit even snugger.

I bought the multisized pack as I typically need different-sized tips for different sides of my head. I am not symmetrical at all. The SoftConnect ones are for AirPods (non-pro.)

I am always happier with COMPLY foam times on my earbuds.

COMPLY Foam Apple AirPods Pro 2.0 Earbud Tips for Comfortable, Noise-Canceling Earphones That Click On, and Stay Put (Assorted Sizes S/M/L, 3 Pairs) via Amazon

Comply SoftCONNECT Soft Foam Replacement Earphone Tips for Apple AirPods (Gen. 1 & 2), Apple Earpods, and Comparable Headphones via Amazon