A conservative codeword for "f— Joe Biden" is spreading rapidly, even to the floors of Congress

At an October 2 NASCAR race, Brandon Brown won an Xfinity Series. NBC Sports covered the event, and as a crowd chanted "f— Joe Biden," a reporter suggested that they may have been saying "let's go Brandon." The phrase became a conservative mantra.

Republican Rep. Bill Posey of Florida ended an Oct. 21 House floor speech

South Carolina Republican Jeff Duncan wore a "Let's Go Brandon" face mask at the Capitol last week. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz posed with a "Let's Go Brandon" sign at the World Series. Sen. Mitch McConnell's press secretary retweeted a photo of the phrase on a construction sign in Virginia.

The Associated Press

Trump's Save America PAC sells a T-shirt with the phrase, and a Southwest pilot signed off his greeting with the phrase. The announcement was met with "audible gasps" from passengers.

At this point, conservative leaders are suggesting the NBC reporter's mistake was an attempt to censor conservatives. Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) claimed the reported intentionally misstated the chant to deliberately "spin the message and deceive the American people." The chant happens around 4:00 in the video below.