At least 33,000 people were stuck inside Shanghai Disneyland on Halloween after one person tested for Covid

When Shanghai Disneyland had promised in a video teaser to bring "wicked Halloween surprises," they weren't kidding around. On Sunday, Disney employees and government officials "quietly sealed off the park's gates," according to Fortune, trapping at least 33,000 visitors inside the park. They weren't permitted to leave until they faced the swarm of medical authorities in white hazmat suits to take a Covid test.

These extreme measures were taken after one woman on Saturday tested positive for Covid. Nobody, however, tested positive on Sunday.

It seems a better solution might be testing each visitor before they enter the park.

From Fortune:

The partial closing of the park created bizarre scenes that went viral on Chinese social media. Hundreds of people in full medical hazmat suits were seen testing young children and other park-goers as a Disney-themed fireworks display erupted overhead.

Shanghai's government announced on Monday that it had tested over 33,000 people connected to the possible Disneyland outbreak. None tested positive. Still, Shanghai Disneyland announced that it will remain closed on Monday and Tuesday, and possibly longer.

"We will notify guests as soon as we have a confirmed date to resume operations," Disney said in a statement.