Conservative parents are predictably angry over a quiz question seemingly aimed at angering them

Who would have thought that conservative parents in the fairly conservative California town of Rocklin would react to a High School multiple-choice question leaving no choice but to say conservatives are idiots? Certainly not a High School teacher in a conservative neighborhood.

Photo via Twitter

The Root:

A history quiz is causing tons of outrage after one of the questions was shared to social media.

According to Fox 40, a high school in Rocklin is facing all of the heat after a history quiz appeared to ask students a trick question. The question reportedly asks students at Whitney High to point out "A group of complete idiots", the choices were, the "KKK", "all of Florida", "FOX News" and "Texans."

Seriously, how could the history teacher do this? This is fucking offensive AF. If I were a student I would've immediately protested. The clear answer is "All of the above" but that isn't listed as an option. The acceptable answer is obviously "all of Florida" but how can you not make a legit argument for Fox News or Texas?! Something tells me this is one of those tests where every answer is right because clearly every answer is right.

Perhaps the Rocklin KKK is unhappy about being compared to Fox News.