A man gets pulled over for driving a motorized cooler

A 25-year-old man in Australia was pulled over for driving down a footpath without a license. Not in a car, mind you. Nor a motorbike. But for driving a motorized cooler.

Apparently, Australia takes a no-nonsense approach when it comes to coolers on wheels. Not only did the unlicensed driver have to take a breathalyzer test — which he passed— but the cooler was taken away from him, impounded for 30 days.

From CTV News:

According to a Facebook post, Swan Hill Police Service pulled over a 25-year-old man last week who was driving a "motorized esky on the footpath in Victoria Street Kerang".

Esky refers to an Australian brand of portable coolers. A photo of the motorized cooler shows a bright blue cooler sitting on a metal platform with four wheels, an engine in the back, and a set of what looks like bike handlebars, with the cooler appearing to form the seat of the makeshift vehicle. The entire thing appears smaller than a lawn tractor.

"This motorised esky is considered a vehicle due to the size/engine capacity and must comply with legistlative requirements and road rules," the police statement read.

The cooler has been impounded for 30 days, and the driver is facing charges of driving without a licence and driving "an unregistered motor vehicle."

Here's the little guy getting towed: