Listen to Maureen Herman talk about touring with Babes in Toyland and how Courtney Love stole Kat's look

I really miss seeing my old friend and neighbor Maureen Herman, former bass player of Babes in Toyland and frequent Boing Boing contributor, ever since she moved from LA a couple of years ago. Our families would get together at least once a week. So it was great to hear her voice again on this episode of the Voices Behind the Music podcast.

I loved hearing her talk about her high school days with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine (they have remained lifelong friends), how Timothy Leary was such a fan of Babes that he introduced them on stage every night on a tour, how Courtney Love ripped off Kat Bjelland's style lock stock and barrel, and how Maureen geeked out the time she met Neil Young.

Show notes:

Do you love a good origin story about how a musician got their start? Did you hear about the one where her brother got his hand stuck in a pasta machine and that ended up being the start of her international touring career? Maureen Herman is her name and she tells Jeff all about how tragedy led to opportunity not once, but twice during her music career.  

Maureen is a writer and bass guitarist, who played with the iconic Babes in Toyland. They played venues all over the US and Europe and she is now in the midst of writing her memoir.  

Big takeaway: Having a community of creative people around you is the best support, inspiration, and built-in network you can find.