Man threatens Little Caesars workers with an AK-47 in a dispute over pizza cook-times

10 minutes to cook a pizza is pretty reasonable in most places. If Little Caesars got the oven up to 650-700 they'd pop that pie out in 5-6 minutes.

I have never been that big a fan of Little Caesars.


A Knoxville man is in custody after threatening the workers of the Cedar Bluff Little Caesars with an AK-47 after he was told it would take ten minutes to make his pepperoni pizza, a report from the Knoxville Police Department states.

Officers responded to the restaurant just after 9 p.m. Friday where they were told that the suspect, identified as Charles Doty Jr., 53, became upset when he was told that his peperoni pizza would take ten minutes to make. According to the report, "he got upset and demanded a free bread stick order and went outside the business to wait for the pizza."

When Doty Jr. returned, he had the rifle in hand and was pointing it at employees, demanding his pizza immediately, the report reads. Doty Jr. reportedly stopped an employee who was trying to leave the Little Caesars, asking "where in the hell he thought he as going," and a woman waiting in line ended up giving him her pizza in an attempt to get him to leave.