Polly Verity's paper art skills will blow your mind

Polly Verity is an artist from Wales with an incredible talent for making paper art. In this six-and-a-half minute video, we learn about the joy that Verity finds in folding paper to create outstanding images and constructions. She even made the skirt she's wearing entirely out of paper! She makes it look easy, but I can't imagine the amount of focus it must take to make such intricate and precise folds. Verity's dedication to her craft is inspiring. 

YouTube description:

"The Mind's Eye"  is a new series from VICE in which we chronicle the creative process of a unique creator, artist, or craftsperson as they produce an original work. The result is a hybrid between a strangely-satisfying look into the technical processes of modern art, but also a portrait of the world's leading creators, their lives, and their inspiration. 

Polly Verity is a "paper sculptor" from Wales who has enchanted her followers with her remarkable ability to create intricate, three-dimensional works of art using mainly plain, white paper. 

In the third episode of "The Mind's Eye", we'll follow Polly as she brings a whole new dimension to the age-old art of origami.