Customers stranded in pub for three nights had "truly an amazing experience"

You'd think that getting stranded by a blizzard anywhere for three nights would cause at least some distress and irritability. But not so for the 61 people who were stuck at Tan Hill Inn, the highest (altitude) pub in England, from Friday to Monday. In fact, it sounds like they had the time of their lives.

Customers showed up at the pub, located 270 miles north of London, on Friday to knock back a few while enjoying the band Noasis — an Oasis cover band. But while they were there, Storm Arwen came along and snowed them in (including the band). This lead to a forced vacation that included live music, games, and karaoke — a festive weekend enjoyed by all.

Customers were given rooms, but without enough beds, some slept on mattresses on the floor. No matter — there was food and, of course, enough drinks to go around for the entire three night stay.

Some of the guests' comments, from CNN, include:

"It's been a bit of a whirlwind weekend … Tan Hill have been absolutely brilliant … It's actually been really enjoyable."

"You guys have been amazing! You've worked never ending shifts to keep us well fed and watered … We will never forget this extr[a]odinary experience."

And from Gazette Live:

"Big THANK YOU to our wonderful calm patient hard working staff who got through it all."

"It was truly an amazing experience!"

"The hospitality and generosity that the staff have shown over the last three days has been truly amazing."

"We will see you soon … maybe when its forecast for sunshine."

"I have absolutely loved how this soap opera has played out over the last few days." 

The spirited, unplanned getaway came to an end today when roads were cleared and deemed safe for guests to drive home.