I have increased my skull-shaped cake-making game

The Nordicware Skull Bitelets pan is the perfect accompaniment to its larger sibling the ever-popular Skull Cakelet pan.

I will admit that I texted the link to this pan to my daughter before I clicked to buy one. However, when I wrote the text explaining how the bite-sized skulls would have a better surface area crispy-ness to inner-cakeyness and crumb, I was sold.


Sometimes my daughter will rip the face off a skull and just eat it, leaving the cakey brains behind. Because the edges are always the good parts.

I usually cheat and fill the skulls with Ducan Hines Devil's food chocolate cake mix, and liberally spray the pans with non-stick spray oil. Sometimes, however, when feeling extra doom-tastic, I will fill them with brownie batter.

The Skull Cakelet Pan via Amazon

The Skull Bite-let Pan via Amazon