CVS drugstores will no longer sell greeting cards with great apes on them

No more monkey business, at least not for CVS. In response to PeTA's lobbying efforts, 10,000 CVS drug stores have banned greeting cards "featuring great apes wearing costumes, displayed in studios, or interacting with humans," according to Yahoo.

From PeTA:

Unnatural images of chimpanzees mislead consumers into believing that the species—which may face extinction within our lifetime—is thriving. These portrayals may also increase the black market demand for endangered great apes as "pets," which is one of the main forces driving them toward extinction.

"Chimpanzees aren't models or props, and photos of them wearing Santa hats or sitting at the holiday table put these endangered animals at risk," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

For all these reasons, Rite Aid removed all great ape greeting cards from its stores earlier this year—and PETA is calling on Hallmark and American Greetings to retire images featuring great apes from its cards.

The Evolution Revolution next?