Publisher cancels Chris Cuomo's upcoming book

More ignominy! HarperCollins announced today it was canceling a planned book written by Chris Cuomo, who recently left his high profile posts at CNN and Sirius XM over sexual harassment accusations and journalistic ethics violations to protect his older brother against sexual harassment accusations. The title of the book: Deep Denial.

From: The New York Times:

The book, which had been scheduled to be released next year, was originally titled "Deep Denial." It had been described by the publisher as "a provocative analysis of the harsh truths that the pandemic and Trump years have exposed about America — about our strength and our character — and a road map of the work needed to make our ideals match reality."

"We do not intend to publish the Cuomo book," a spokeswoman for HarperCollins said on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Cuomo is reporting me gearing up to sue CNN for over $18 million because he wants his contract paid out.