Long COVID "extremely widespread" and "one of the biggest global health pandemics"

I recently wrote about how Chris Cuomo, who has been struggling with long COVID, was starting a series on his show "Cuomo" to discuss and share information about long COVID. 

On January 8, he uploaded the next installment in the series. He explains at the beginning of the segment that he asked viewers to share their experiences and "tens of thousands" came forward stating that they, too, are suffering with long COVID. Cuomo's guest for this installment is Dr. Purvi Parikh, an immunologist and long COVID expert who works at NYU Langone Health and NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

In their conversation, Dr. Parikh shared multiple theories about what is causing long COVID, which all center in some way around processes of inflammation. Some researchers have found viral fragments lingering in the body—in blood, brain fluid, and elsewhere—for months or years after an initial COVID infection, which can cause inflammation. Other researchers are focusing on long COVID as an autoimmune disease, where the body begins attacking itself, which is also inflammatory. And finally, some researchers are seeking to further understand how COVID reactivates dormant viruses like EBV (Epstein-Barr virus), herpes viruses, and more. In the segment, Dr. Parikh also addresses the need for more research and funding for long COVID inquiry, and emphasizes the need for more public education about it. She states emphatically that long COVID is "extremely widespread," calling it "one of the biggest global health pandemics coming on the heels of COVID." She also warns that "we're going to see even more and more as time goes on because COVID itself is still here in massive numbers."

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