The unstoppable rise of Instagram "couple comics"

To help you grapple with the terrifying fact that Instagram has become the equivalent of Kylie Jenner obsessed newspaper, let's have a look at their Sunday funnies.

Couple comics are a unique subculture that has clawed out a niche on the social media app. Tons of artists- such as Hubman and Chubgirl, Guyelnathan, and Sarahgraley—have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers by creating cute mini-comics that delve into the intricacies of life as a couple. This sub-genre's king and queen are Maya and Yehuda DeVir, creators of the staggeringly popular couple comic One Of Those Days.

Boasting an Instagram page with 5.6 million followers—a little less than half of DC Comic's 11.8 million—means that the couple comic sub-genre might not be as niche as it seems.

Due to the success of their comic, Maya and Yehuda were able to create a docu-series through DeviantArt that chronicles their creative process. The series explores the artists as they get ready to welcome their second child- a milestone that they cover extensively in their comic. One Of Those Days stands as proof that comics as a medium are far from dead but merely shifting to reflect new distribution methods.