Watch: A woman accuses a couple of stealing her phone — until it rings in her purse

A woman can't find her phone, so she accuses a nearby couple of stealing it. (Yes, this is a common theme in the Karen genre.) The accuser and accused are in a Spencer's, where an employee is trying to help.

The employee suggests they call the phone, but the accuser, looking pretty woebegone, doesn't think that idea will work, insisting throughout the ordeal that "he could have turned off the ringer."

The accused man has even emptied his pockets, but still, the woman is sure her phone is on his person in silent mode, making it pointless to call.

"Guys, can we… " the employee starts to say.

"Well they have my number, and they have my phone," the woman says.

But after a pathetic back-and-forth, she finally lets the employee call her phone, and that's where we get to the punchline: the phone rings. It has been in her purse the whole time.

She looks pretty sheepish as she apologizes.

Via Daily Dot