Watch these 1970s stars mangle Beatles songs on this TV special

What do you get when you combine guest stars of The Love Boat with the contestants of Match Game? Why, an atrocious one-hour special called Beatles Forever: A Musical Tribute (1977)!

Cinema Crazed describes the watchable bomb as "one of the most brilliantly embarrassing television specials ever dropped on an unsuspecting world."

Dear friends, you have never experienced pure mad genius until you experience Anthony Newley caterwauling his way through the sitar spaciness of "Within You Without You." Dressed in a white tunic like a cheapjack swami, Newley bellows George Harrison's hippie-dippie lyrics like a mad elephant bathing in the Ganges while he wanders amid stoned-out extras. I've played this every day since rediscovering it and I plan to play it daily until the day I die – and I will update my will to have it played at my funeral.

There's one genuinely great part of the show: Ray Charles' covers of "Yesterday," and "Let it Be." No surprise there.

[via r/ObscureMedia].