Mysterious crashed plane found near Oklahoma airport with no pilot or passengers around

On Wednesday, a small, crashed plane was found in a field near Oklahoma's Tahlequah Municipal Airport. Weirdly, authorities haven't located a pilot or any passengers and nobody has reached out to airport officials, police, or the Federal Aviation Administration.

"It's kind o a bizarre story, really," airport manager Greg Blish told the Muskogee Phoenix. "It was a Piper Tri-Pacer, and there's no pilot or passengers located, but there is substantial damage done to the aircraft."

From the Muskogee Phoenix:

"I had three or four planes flying [Wednesday] morning and nobody noticed it until a gentleman [who] flies out of the Tahlequah airport saw it and called about 1:15 p.m., or so," Blish said[…]

The registered owner was contacted and he said the plane was sold in August to an auction company.

"Right now, I've got people trying to run down who the auction company sold it to. According to FAA records, it doesn't show to be legally licensed as far as the registration," said Blish.