Oops! Boeing wiped the video of it replacing the door plug that fell off

Federal investigators still don't know who worked on the Boing 737 Max 9 door plug that blew out on an Alaska Airlines flight, not least because video footage of the work being done was wiped.

The NTSB's chair, Jennifer Homendy, said in a letter to senators that investigators sought security camera footage when the door plug was opened and closed in September but were informed the material was overwritten. "The absence of those records will complicate the NTSB's investigation moving forward," she said.

A question here was why Boeing "had no records of the work being performed." Was it because it destroyed them or because it didn't make them? Now we know that this respect, it was because it destroyed them.

Conspiracy-brained as it is, you'd think Boeing would love to have an engineer to scapegoat by saying "here's video of the guy forgetting to screw it in" or whatever. That they wiped the video suggests that what they have to hide is worse than what they might have shown.

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