The world's deadliest teapot

Human beings are such devious little creatures. Nothing is safe from our violence and savagery. We've improved since the dark ages, but that darkness never left our hearts. Even with the illuminating advent of electricity, humanity's next question was, "yeah, but how can we use this to kill people?"

The dual utility of mundane inventions being implemented for murderous ends goes back centuries, and in the video linked above, you get to see a prime example of lethal ingenuity. The YouTube channel Grand Illusions is famous for possessing toys and trinkets that boggle the mind, and the channel's video on the assassin teapot is no exception. Throughout the video, no mention is made of the teapot being exclusively designed for assassins, but its functionality makes its intended use clear.

Planning to murder someone over tea might be a chilling thought from a modern perspective. Still, when one considers the brutal methods of dispatch available in the era of this teapot's conception, the idea becomes slightly more pleasant.