Take a look at how women dressed in 7th century Britain

It wasn't until I lived with a woman that I realized that preparing to greet the world could be performed as a ritual or form of self-care. At then, I was very utilitarian in my approach. Since then, I've applied aspects of the feminine process and it's been a massive boon for my confidence.

I couldn't help but wonder, "how did this work in the past?" Before the 1900s, women didn't regularly shave their arms and legs. After the creation of disposable razors, women began to consider the removal of body hair as a requirement in any beauty regimen. And even though makeup has been around for centuries, having as much affordable access to the array of styles that the average women possess in modernity is a relatively new concept. How exactly did women of the past get dressed and ready?

The YouTube channel Crowseye productions have developed a series where they explore the historically accurate dress of women from the past. The video linked above looks at how women dressed in pre-Christian England.