The French grave that doubles as an aphrodisiac

In France, Père-Lachaise cemetery contains a curious tourist attraction that allegedly grants fertility and an increased chance at landing a husband for any woman bold enough to straddle a statue. The grave of Victor Noir, a French journalist from the 19th century, has become famed romantic aid for scores of French women over the years. Considering that the French refer to the orgasm as the "little death," the practice shouldn't be too disquieting. Every human grapples with death in their own way.

From Amusing Planet:

It's perfectly reasonable to ask who Victor Noir is, just like it was a century and a half ago when the man was alive. He was an ordinary young man, an unimpressive fellow, who just found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nobody knew him until he was dead. His recent cult following, however, has nothing to do with the manner of his death nor its political fallout, but rather on the mysterious bulge in his pants. … Dalou decided to give the sculpture a noticeable bulge under the belt. Whether or not anybody noticed this, we don't know, but in the 1970s, a myth began that rubbing the crotch and kissing the statue on the lips will bring women enhanced fertility and a blissful sex life. You can see the effect of this myth on the statue—Victor Noir's lips and groin are shiny, while the rest of his body has the usual greenish tone of oxidized bronze.