Watch Steve Bannon's "field correspondent" blame his Covid infection on Biden, China, BLM, and anti-fascists

Ben Bergquam is Steve Bannon's "Real America Voice" field correspondent. Sadly, he contracted COVID-19 and is in the hospital receiving oxygen. Even sadder, he seems to think he got sick because of Biden, China, BLM, and anti-fascists.

So I'm praying Thank You, Lord, my angels are with me. Absolutely know it. God wins, but the Democrats have to be held accountable. China has to be held accountable. Antifa and BLM who terrorized our country for four years have to be held accountable. Where's BLM? We're Antifa? Where are they now? They were simply used by the Democrats to steal the election, to intimidate judges, to intimidate politicians, and to intimidate the American people to shut up and sit down. That's why we still have people in Guantanamo, DC being terrorized right now tortured right now. They don't care about the actual truth. They don't care about fixing the country. If they did, they would hold China accountable for this. If they did, they would hold BLM and Antifa accountable.