The sexiest cover of the Pokemon theme song ever made

"Turn the lights down, baby, and let's listen to the Pokemon theme song" is a phrase I never thought I'd utter, but here we are. With how widespread Pokemon-mania was in the 00s, I shouldn't be surprised at how thoroughly entrenched the franchise has become in pop culture. I mean, Hilary Clinton famously used Pokemon Go in her campaign to rouse eligible 18-year-olds from their political lethargy. It's kind of uncanny if you think about it. There were other white-hot, wildly popular television shows from my childhood, but I don't see anyone making sexy interpolations of the Power Rangers theme. There's just something about Pokemon that makes it impossible to ignore and even more impossible to forget. 

In the video linked above, the YouTube band known as the Consouls shares their version of the Pokemon theme song. Before you click the video, I must warn you; please listen to this alone. Unless you intend to procreate, you'll be buying Pokemon toys all over again in nine months.