Mayor 'underestimated public outrage' in letting an assistant police chief off easy for a flagrant display of Nazism

Kent, Washington Mayor Dana Ralph seems to be apologizing for pissing off the town when she let the assistant police chief off easy for openly associating himself with Nazis, while on duty and in the police station, while not actually apologizing for letting him off easy. I think she is a mayor who doesn't realize people don't want Nazis to be police at all, let alone assistant police chiefs or anyone associated with the government.

Seattle Times:

Kent Mayor Dana Ralph says her administration badly underestimated the public outrage that would spring from the decision not to fire an assistant police chief who posted Nazi insignia on his office door, embraced the rank of an officer in Adolf Hitler's murderous Schutzstaffel, or SS, and joked about the Holocaust.

Additionally, when a long-time Nazi-enthusiast claims to not know he is playing Nazi, you know he is a liar.

Kammerzell, a 27-year Kent police veteran, was targeted for investigation after a detective complained that the assistant chief had posted the rank insignia of a Nazi "obergruppenfuhrer" over the name plate on his office door and referred to himself by that rank — one of the highest in the Third Reich, held by officials who oversaw the slave-labor and death camps.

The investigation also showed that Kammerzell at one point shaved his facial hair into a Hitler mustache and had been photographed in lederhosen apparently giving a stiff-armed Nazi salute during the city's 2019 Oktoberfest celebration. In the past he had joked that his grandfather died in the Holocaust — by falling drunk out of a Nazi guard tower.

Kammerzell told investigators he didn't understand the significance of the rank, which he adopted after watching the television series "Man in the High Castle," which explores what the U.S. would be like if the Allies had lost World War II. The investigation said Kammerzell's explanation was not credible.

Here is the deal: if you think Nazis are cool and you want people to associate you with Nazis, you are already a Nazi.