Tim Hecker's "Harmony In Ultraviolet" is a stunning ambient album

If you're into ambient music, Tim Hecker's 2006 album Harmony In Ultraviolet is an essential listen. Tim Hecker is a Canadian sound artist. He makes experimental, ambient, and electronic music. Harmony In Ultraviolet gives me the peaceful yet eerie feeling of walking alone on a snowy night. It helps me reach a state of deep focus every time I put it on.

"Spring Heeled Jack Flies Tonight" is one of my favorite tracks on the album. Fun fact: through the title of this song, I learned about the urban legend of Spring-heeled Jack, an entity from Victorian-era folklore. A popular version of the legend says that Spring-heeled Jack was a devil-like man with claws and red glowing eyes. He would roam the streets of London at night, jump over houses, and attack people.