Ambient music played by the weather

If you're turning around restlessly in your bedchamber at some ungodly hour, hoping for some small miracle to put you to sleep, you can thank the gods of experimental electronic pop rock for bringing the world Quintron and you his "weather warlock".

Weather for the Blind is a project that utilizes inputs from the weather—the sun, the rain, the wind and temperature—and transposes it into soft, ambient interesting white noise of a kind. It's an analog synth controlled by regional climate! What!

The project has a few locations, New Orleans, home of inventor extraordinaire Quintron, and Acra, home of Wave Farm. Quintron wants the project to span all different climates, from "Iceland to the Amazon".

Since 2011 Quintronics – the company who introduced the Drum Buddy in 1999 –  has been actively developing a low voltage weather controlled drone synthesizer. Base station number 1, called WEATHER WARLOCK was finally finished in the Spring of 2014 at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in Captiva, Florida.  Weather Warlock evolved out of an earlier project Called Weather Witch. will stream sounds from this musical weather station most every day and night as a free public service. This giant analog synth and it's weather sensors will live primarily in New Orleans Louisiana at the Spellcaster Lodge. The entire apparatus will occasionally travel as part of a live band, also called WEATHER WARLOCK or as a part of QUINTRON AND MISS PUSSYCAT.

Weather for the Blind

Listen to the sound of the weather playing drone and ambient in F major here at

This site is called "weather for the blind" in reference to a circadian rhythm sleep disorder suffered by many sight impaired persons. Our hope is that this instrument could be of some help to those experiencing any type of sleep disorder or to anyone suffering from stress or health issues which might benefit from a direct musical connection to nature. Quintronics makes NO MEDICAL CLAIMS that our instrument is physically or mentally curative. The brain is a mysterious organ with many needs. Those suffering from "Non-24″ should seek information from their doctor.  More information about "Non-24″ can be found at the NATIONAL SLEEP FOUNDATION.

Weather for the Blind

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