Flash back to what they were saying about Covid in Jan 2020 for a sad chuckle

It was a different time in January 2020, when the all-knowing "experts" weighed in on the novel coronavirus.

Today Show: "Not a big concern at this point."

Fox: "… people are worried about it turning into something more than it will be."

Fox: "Hospitals in the US have gotten much much better about being prepared for novel infections."

CNBC: "The fact is, it's not spreading in this country."

CNBC: "They do not believe that there is an immediate risk to the broader American public."

CNBC: "They do not make recommendations that people here wear face masks."

CDC (on Fox): "The risk for the general communities in the United States from this infection is very low."

Nothing like handling a worldwide fatal train wreck from the caboose.