'Book of Boba' week 4 review: wherein almost nothing outside the trailers happens

We are more than halfway through the seven-episode first season of The Book of Boba Fett, and after spending three episodes basically on recaps, exposition, and one unbelievable Wookie fight, episode four offers us more recaps.

The show is visually beautiful. The music is wonderful. The actors are great and the characters lots of fun, even the occasionally-competent Boba Fett, but the lack of a story is really stretching things thin. We have now seen just about everything in the trailers, everything said-but-not-shown in The Mandalorian, and set up that Boba likes animals.

This week the series further demonstrated that city-dwellers are cleaner and more sparkly than desert dwellers, Shand is the brains and the muscle, and that Boba does straight-up comic relief. Boba's inability to catch a robot is however handily followed by a brutal mass murder. Go Team Boba?

Both Danny Trejo and David Pasquesi were notably missing this week. I would like them to have their own show.

If the show hasn't made it clear, Boba is going to build a crime family and the Wookie can rip out arms, or an arm.