The Tom and Jerry fighting game that should have already existed

Once Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, the best-selling fighting game of all time, played the final cord in its encore and began to leave the stage, several other companies started efforts to clone its success. There have always been Smash Bros clones, but it wasn't until recently that major companies like Paramount and Warner Brothers thought about using their extensive library of characters to mimic the famed platform fighter. 

Warner's impending attempt to cash in on the Smash bandwagon, known as Multiversus, will allow players to battle as iconic characters like Bugs Bunny, Superman, and Shaggy in what looks like the world's most interactive commercial. Multiversus will also include Tom and Jerry on their roster, but the famously combative characters will be working as a team instead of rivals. That's pretty wack, man. Like millions of fans worldwide, I wanted to re-create the decades of splendid violence between the most famous cat and mouse duo in cartoons. I know it's a weird hill to die on, but I'm totally okay with that.

Since we're seemingly never going to get a solid competitive fighting game for Tom and Jerry, this scene from Teen Titans Go! will have to serve as the next best thing. The artist behind the scene's creation, Hazen Becker from Instagram, shared the clip linked above.