Virginia woman threatens to "bring every single gun loaded and ready" to school over mask mandate

Amelia King, a woman upset about mask mandates, told the

Luray, Virginia school board she would "bring every single gun loaded and ready" on Monday with her maskless child. She's not in any trouble for the threat, but the school district said it will be on "alert" for her should she come in shooting. How reassuring.

Page County Public Schools in Luray, Virginia will increase police presence at schools Monday after a mother made a perceived threat during a school board meeting Thursday night. Amelia King was upset about the school mask mandate and said her children would not be wearing masks on Monday and she would "bring every single gun loaded and ready."

"See y'all monday."

Page County schools superintendent Antonia Fox and board chair Megan Gordon released a statement Friday about the threat they're taking lightly, saying "the schools don't take these kinds of threats lightly."

Police said that what she did wasn't a "violation of state code."

In a statement from Luray Police, they said King realized what she said "and immediately contacted law enforcement to apologize because the statement was not intended the way it was perceived. "

White as the driven snow.