Check out this awesomely detailed digital art

With increased accessibility and the host of spellbinding advancements in technology, the quality of digital art has jumped through the roof. If the great masters of yesteryear could utilize a procreate on an iPad instead of oil paints, classic works like the Mona Lisa would be even more staggering. In addition to the spectrum of colors and lighting effects that digital art programs afford, they can also accentuate the details of a piece in ways that would've been unfathomable only 15 years prior. Armed with the correct hashtags, scrolling through the explore page on Instagram is like wandering through the social media equivalent of the Louvre. Sure, some questionable "fan art" might find its way into the mix, but the creativity on display makes it all worthwhile. 

Take the piece linked above, for example. Through the innovative application of the zoom-out feature, artist Pablo Andres Pozo has been able to produce arresting works of art that wouldn't be possible in any other era.