Playing Doom on the teeniest-tiniest gaming machine

Our pals over at Adafruit have been working on super-small, super-sharp and readable DOOM gaming device (it does more than DOOM, but hey … DOOM!). Phil Torrone writes:

DOOM is often the "hello world" for what's possible on hardware, particularly when there's a screen and some button inputs.

We ported Retro-Go over to work on our QT Py ESP32 Pico board and since Retro-Go has a port of PrBoom for the ESP32, it pretty much just worked loading up the shareware DOOM1.WAD file off of a microSD card. Amazing how capable retro-go is once the hardware layout is defined.

The specs on the Adafruit QT Py DOOM playing device (codename PINKY):

ESP32 Pico v3 02, dual Tensilica 240 MHz core w/2MB PSRAM, 8 MB Flash

240×240 1.3″ TFT IPS

microSD card

AW9523 GPIO expander for 10 buttons, const current backlight, headphone amp mute, card detect.

You can keep up with what's happening with the PINKY project here.

[Full Disclosure: I also blog for Adafruit.]

Image: Screengrab