Since 2018, Certs Mints have outperformed Bitcoin as an investment, nine to one.

Hello welcome back to Spoken Word with Electronics. This week we discuss candy mints, or Bit-Mint. Sometimes the most ordinary things in the world are pulled off shelves for their ingredients. This happened to Certs Mints in 2018. Like most drugs, the after-market pricing on Certs has erupted since being banned. A bargain pack of Certs (expired in 1996!) now can be found selling for $200. That's a high ceiling, but there are hundreds of similar listings across the Dark and Frosted Candy Web, averaging out at $25/roll sold. Certs Mints are hot. Here at SWWE we run the numbers to see how much more mint you can make on mint. Or more specifically how much was lost by not buying mint in 2018.

  • Proposal: If you'd traded your Bitcoin for Certs Mints in 2018 (when still on shelves), you'd now have nearly 10 times more money in Retsyn-based commodity than sticking with Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin's price in 2018 was $6500.
  • Bitcoin today is $37,000.
  • Due to having partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, Certs Mints was discontinued in 2018.
  • Certs was marked down for quick sale to 50¢ a roll, or a nickle a mint.
  • Today, in collector mint circles, which can also include candy mint addicts, that same roll of Certs often sells for an average of $25/roll:
  • Takeaway: Had you taken the $6,500 in Bitcoin and purchased 13,000 rolls of Certs in 2018, your value in Certs today would be (13,000 x 25) $325,000.
  • Certs Mints outperforms Bitcoin as an investment, nearly 9 to 1.
  • This episode of SWWE, we break it all down into the Mint-Haves and the Mint-Nots. We also discusses the Ukraine crisis, Nuclear Weapons, and provides a useful tutorial on how to use a Drawmer Noise Gate, a Trapezoid Envelope Generator, and Pitch Shifting for the News.
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