I'll never get tired of chainsaw sculptures

Although there have always been macho people in the world of art, for some reason, we tend to forget them. Usually, the butch dudes gravitate towards literature more than the visual arts. I'm positive there's an equivalent of Ernest Hemmingway in painting, but I have no idea who that would be. Despite the continued deterioration of entrenched gender roles and the professions associated with them, there are still tons of jobs that get bracketed in society as "feminine." We're slowly trudging towards equality, but it'll take decades to remove some of the calcified perspectives about specific fields. To many unenlightened observers, art isn't neutral; it's femme- unless you're doing it with a chainsaw.

Chainsaw art will always flood my art-loving bro-brain a healthy dose of serotonin. Several women engage in chainsaw sculptures, but the intrinsic connection to masculinity that comes prepackaged with the tool gives them a perceived edge that Frida Kahlo never had. I'm not here to debate if that's positive or negative. I just think chainsaw art is awesome. If you're like me and like power tools and artistry, give the video linked above a watch.