U.S. Consulate warns tourists to avoid Mexican hospital that operates like a U.S. hospital

Stay away from St. Luke's Hospital in Cabo San Lucas, warns the U.S. Consulate. If you get treated there, you'll have the same kind of nightmarish experience you could expect from a hospital in the United States: "withholding care for payment, failing to provide itemized lists of charges, ordering unnecessary procedures, withholding  U.S. passports, obstructing medical evacuations, and refusing to discharge patients without payment."

The Los Angeles Times reports that Scott Lairson took his wife to St. Luke's after she contracted Covid in June. Lairson said the hospital demanded $50,000 or they would transfer his wife to a community hospital and he wouldn't be allowed to see her. He didn't have enough money and flew his wife home to Arizona, where she died. Lairson says that the hospital director Mario Trejo Becerril bullied and threatened him for cash:

Lairson wrote that Mario Trejo Becerril, the hospital director, told him, "I want that deposit today, you go outside and call your family, whoever you need to call or don't come back to this hospital."

"And if I ever hear about you recording conversations with your phone, you will never see your wife again!" Lairson recounted.

[via Fark]