Check out this clip of Prince on Muppets Tonight

I once heard a wise man say, "never trust a spiritual guru that doesn't have a sense of humor." I believe the same maxim applies to musicians as well. In my experience, all the best musicians either have a relationship with great comedians or are humorous themselves. Through his friendship with Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock, Prince possessed both. From kicking Kim Kardashian off his stage for failing to dance on beat to verifying that the legendary Chappelle's Show sketch about him was 100 percent true, Prince knew his way around a joke. 

You can watch the Artist lean into his silly side with a bit of help from the Muppets in the video linked above. The entire episode of Muppets Tonight is available on YouTube for free, but my favorite portion of the show is Prince and company parodying the classic show Hee Haw. If you miss the Artist as much as I do, give the video a watch.