UFO and alien sightings are far and wide in this small Japanese Town

The small Japanese town of Iino in the Fukushima Prefecture is a UFO hotspot, according to its residents and visitors. There are records of reported alien sightings in Iino that date back to the 1970s, and the town fully embraces it.

Iino is filled with statues of aliens, and the town even has a small white alien with a golden flying saucer as its mascot. One of the town's most popular dishes is ramen that's served in a bowl made out of stones. The stones supposedly hold the power to attract extraterrestrial visitors. 

Iino is quiet and desolate, with a population of fewer than 1,900 people. If you visit you'll find peaceful scenery of the surrounding mountains, abandoned roads that will only take you further into isolation, and maybe even something extraterrestrial.