Mazda drivers in Seattle discover radio is stuck on one station

Drivers of 2016 Mazdas say that their radios are permanently tuned to KUOW, a public radio station. Even rebooting the audio systems has no effect.


Scott Smith in Seattle returned to his car after grocery shopping recently one night and found the car's "infotainment system" going whacky.

The menu on the screen kept cycling through options, and wouldn't stop.

"I tried rebooting it because I've done that in the past and nothing happened," Smith said, "I realized I could hear NPR, but I can't change the station, can't use the navigation, can't use the Bluetooth."

Ears held captive by his local, public radio station, Smith is only able to adjust the volume.

Service managers at three local Mazda dealerships said they've been flooded with calls during the last three weeks about this issue. One employee said it's a sore subject, and they've been getting calls about the issue for weeks.

Some are claiming "5G" is to blame. And isn't Microsoft based somewhere near Seattle? And why is it stuck on communist public radio instead of a red-blooded American station that plays Sean Hannity? This sounds like a job for Qanon!