The Revision Path podcast makes Black history every day

Among the most damaging and horrific side effects to emerge from the shadow of slavery was the death of African oral tradition. Like many early civilizations, several African cultures depended on oral historians who bridged the gap of centuries with their stories and myths. As if surviving the Middle Passage, which killed untold scores of Africans, wasn't a brutal enough ordeal, the number of oral historians that perished during the centuries of slavery claimed many African's connections to their lineage. 

After the abolition of slavery, Africans invented new forms of oral traditions that still exist today. From the narrative focus within genres like blues and hip-hop, the epigenetic memory of storytelling persists unabated in the Black American spirit. In the tradition of oral history, the Revision Path podcast stands as a testament to how important it is for Black people to curate their own experience in America. 

Founded by Maurice Cherry in 2013, Revision Path sheds light on Black creatives and innovators in the digital space every week. With an impressive list of guests and an equally staggering number of episodes in their back catalog, it's no wonder why the Revision Path podcast had several podcasts inducted into the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. 

Despite the copious awards and accolades, the Revision Path has remained as grounded and committed to its vision of celebrating Balck excellence as it was in its inception. If you're looking to keep your finger on the pulse of the thriving creativity in Black America, the Revision Path is the podcast for you.