Cargo ship carrying $400 million in Porsches, Lambos, and Bentleys is burning in the mid-Atlantic

The Felicity Ace, a cargo ship containing 4,000 Porsches, Bentleys, Lamborhinis, and other luxury cars—valued at $400 million—is ablaze in the North Atlantic. It's been burning since Wednesday. Fortunately, it is currently not leaking oil. From The Guardian:

The vessel's 22 crew members were evacuated but the fire continued to burn for several days, fuelled by lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles on board[…]

The ship's operator, MOL Ship Management (Singapore), said on Monday that the vessel was "still assumed to remain on fire south of the Azores, drifting further away from the islands".

It said two firefighting tugboats were due to arrive at the site of the ship on Monday and would "start spraying water to Felicity Ace together with the patrol boat with the initial salvage team onboard already on site to cool down the heat from the vessel".