Microdosing LSD may be fun, but a new study shows it fails to deliver on those cognitive benefits

In a study by the University of Chicago, microdosing was found not to improve mood or cognitive function. This runs counter to everything I have heard from my burner friends.

Analytical Cannabis:

All of the participants were given basic cognitive and emotional task tests during each drug administration session and were additionally questioned at a drug-free follow-up appointment several days after the final drug session.

The scientists found no significant improvements in mood or cognitive performance during the drug sessions or at the follow up. Some participants who received the higher 26 μg dose reported feeling stimulant-like and LSD-like effects and were generally able to correctly guess they had been given a non-placebo drug.

Minor changes in two measures of emotional response – recognition of fearful emotions and feelings of social rejection – were also seen in some members of the 26 μg group.

These results were a surprise to the researchers, who had hypothesized they would see significant and improvements in mood and cognitive function.

I have tried microdosing psychedelic mushrooms and while I have achieved the dosing part, I struggle with the micro.