Song of the day: Rock N Roll McDonalds

Rock N Roll McDonalds is an obscure masterpiece by artist and musician Wesley Willis (1963-2003). It's been stuck in my head all morning on a loop, so I had to listen to it just now. 

Willis may have loved to rock out at McDonalds, but he was also wary of the fat in their food: 

"McDonald's hamburgers are the worst

They are worse than Burger King

A Big Mac has twenty-six grams of fat

A Quarter-Pounder has twenty-eight grams of fat"

Willis is considered an outsider musician. His songs include absurdist, funny, and sometimes obscene lyrics, which are sung over the auto accompaniment feature on his Technics KN keyboard. Willis gained cult status in the '90s after the release of his album Greatest Hits  on the Alternative Tentacles label. Besides making awesome music, Willis drew hundreds of intricate pen drawings of Chicago streetscapes which he often sold on the street for $20-$40.